Alternative methods to recharge your mobile, Pee as you go

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audioScientists functioning at the University West of England (UWE) in Bristol, United kingdom, have found out one way to recharge a cell phone with Human urine.

The team has been in a position to charge a Samsung mobile by putting the fluid through a surge of microbial fuel cells. Using this process, enough power may be produced to send text messages, browse the World-wide-web and also make a short telephone call.

As outlined by the scientists responsible, the next step is to fully charge the phone with pee…I assume washing their hands straight afterwards.

Dr. Ioannis Ieropoulos has labored for a very long time with microbial energy cells; he is thought to be an expert in harnessing energy from unusual options. The possibe applications of his work are very attractive from an environmental point of view.

Dr. Ieropoulos said, “We’re very excited as this is a world first, no-one has harnessed energy from urine to try this so it truly is an interesting finding. Using the final waste product as a source of energy to provide electricity is about as eco as it takes.” Eco-friendly tech is, seemingly, the good doctor’s main area of interest.

The microbial cells work as a energy converter, they take the natural substance straight into electricity, via the metabolism of live microbes. The electrical power is the by-product of a microorganism’s natural life cycle, meaning that as they ‘eat’ the pee, they create energy the energy that powers the mobile. Now that is what we call ‘pee as you go’.

Bathroom humour aside, the team have engineered a world first, as nothing as large as a mobile battery has ever been charged using this process before.

You’ll notice, nowadays, no plans to market this technology on a huge scale, but perhaps someday we can be signing a ‘P’ mobile contract, the trick, as they say, will be pissistance.

PS – I’m sorry about this one. The task and its implications are instead amazing. All credit to the UWE team. However, I always wanted to do one to those ‘And Finally’ type stories and now I conclusively get to. Please forgive me, one and all.


Bluetooth earpiece: a convenient way to answer your calls

headset. earphonesWith a lot information on the web about radio accessory’s it is hard to discover the best and generally truthful articles. here is a piece from a good site that i believe to be true, do not quote me on it but please read and enjoy

When you talk on phone at home you generally don’t feel uncomforted as you can easily use you device.
But while driving, playing or doing some work when your both hands get busy then it become a problem to answer your calls. That’s why companies offered Bluetooth earpiece. The Bluetooth earpiece is very easy to use and is very portable, as you just need to fit the Bluetooth earpiece in your ear and connect the cell phone with earpiece through Bluetooth.

In the starting time the earpieces came with wires that needed to connect with the cell phones through a pin, but that has a problem of handling wires. So Bluetooth earpiece does not have any problem like that, they are wireless, and that’s why more popular between people.

The Bluetooth earpiece can be use with any phone either it is of any model or any company, only a single function is needed that is in built Bluetooth. As everyone accepts that cell phone is one of the finest inventions, so Bluetooth earpiece are also good because they make the use of device more convenient.

As everyone wants to make the life more and more comfortable, so it is really a better way. As when you drive you don’t need to take your phone out and answer the call you just need to press the button of your Bluetooth earpiece and you can easily talk.
While playing any game if you want to listen to music then also Bluetooth earpiece is very useful.
Other than comfort these Bluetooth earpiece look very stylish, they give your personality s different look. In offices it looks very awkward if you use the phone in hand or in parties you cannot make your one hand busy in handling the phone so for these senses you can get Bluetooth earpiece.

They are very affordable and easily available in the market. Even they become the style and status statement too. Companies provide this Bluetooth earpiece with best sound quality and good quality batteries. They comes with a coverable transmission range, at a distance you can get the crystal clear sound.
Bluetooth earpiece is small in size but it is very efficient. Bluetooth earpiece can also be a good gift item, as your friends and family will of course like it. As the communication matters between the people similarly the convenience in the ways of communication is also matter a lot.

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Sure, Google Glass is getting plenty of public ire now, but Bluetooth headsets have been around for much longer. If anything, the quick dismissal of hardcore Bluetooth users was a sign of things to come for wearable technology. The Bluedouche was the original Glasshole.

And yet Jawbone, which earned its reputation as a gadget maker with its first line of Bluetooth headsets, isnt giving up on the sector. With its latest entry, the $130 Era, Jawbone is preparing itself for a potential wireless headset renaissance.

Smartphone users dont just need a way to talk hands-free on the phone they want more accurate ways to send voice commands to their devices and get information without looking down at a screen.

The Jawbone Era aims to be the Bluetooth headset for people who hate Bluetooth headsets. Its tiny, sounds great, and ultimately proves Bluetooth headsets arent dead yet.

Jawbone’s slim new Era on the left, compared to the larger original model.

The good: The most seamless Bluetooth headset yet
Though its significantly smaller than its 2-year-old predecessor, the Era isnt quite as tiny as the ubiquitous earpieces from the Spike Jonze film Her (which, surprisingly, contains some fascinating user interface concepts), but its almost as convenient.

It took me a few tries to position the Era correctly in my ear, but once I got a good fit, it was easy to forget I was wearing an earpiece. A single button on the Eras rear lets you answer calls, pause music, and skip tracks.

For calls, the Era sounds crisp and clear in both directions. I never had any complaints about voice quality from people I was chatting with, and calls sounded slightly clearer compared to using my iPhones earpiece. I also noticed a few instances where Jawbones noise-filtering technology perked up to enhance my voice and block out external noise (a big help on noisy New York City streets).

Jawbone’s Era headset is so small it’s easy to miss.Jawbone

But I ended up using the Era more for commanding my smartphone than taking calls. Its much easier to reach up, tap a button, and ask Siri for help than it is to pull out my phone especially during frigid winter weather. When I asked Siri for directions, I was able to get to my destination simply by following the instructions piped into my ear by the Era. (Of course, you can do this with any pair of earphones with a built-in microphone; the Era just makes it that much easier and more elegant.)

The Era was also surprisingly useful for listening to light background music and podcasts. Sound quality was decent, though it wasnt as loud as I would have liked. It was more comfortable than the wired headphones I usually wear while wandering around the city, especially since I didnt have to worry about any cords. I still noticed the occasional look of disgust from other subway riders, though yes, the poor Bluetooth headset still cant get any love today, even though, ironically enough, many people are sporting earbuds or giant headphones of their own.

Ive used several Bluetooth headsets over the years, and while Ive liked plenty of these, Ive yet to fall in love with any of them. Once the initial honeymoon period wears off, they typically end up gathering dust on my desk. The Era isnt quite the Bluetooth headset of my dreams, but it comes the closest.

The bad: No battery life improvements; it still looks like a Bluetooth headset
On the one hand, we should praise Jawbone for keeping the same four-to-five-hour battery life as the previous, larger Era headset. On the other, it really stinks having to charge it in the middle of the day.

The Jawbone Era charging caseDevindra Hardawar/VentureBeat

Jawbone, at least, recognizes that sort of battery life doesnt cut it these days so while it couldnt pack in more juice, its offering the next best thing with the Era: a tiny portable charging case. Its no different from any other USB battery pack you can get on Amazon. It stores enough juice to fully recharge the Era, and it includes a USB output to simplify the charging process.

While convenient, Jawbone is also cheating a bit by including the battery pack. It allows the company to claim that you can get around 10 hours of battery life with the Era, even when the device itself only reaches half that. Jawbone isnt lying, but the slight confusion around the Eras total battery life when using the battery pack has tripped up many journalists. And if thats the case, Im sure most consumers wont realize the Era doesnt get 10 hours of battery life on its own.

Additionally, while the Era is one of the smallest headsets Ive used, it still looks distinctly like a Bluetooth headset. So unfortunately for Jawbone, it likely wont win over people who wouldnt be caught dead wearing a headset. (But really, we wont see something like that until theres a major breakthrough in battery technology.)

Jawbone Era

The verdict: A Bluetooth headset for a new era
Unless you have serious moral and aesthetic reservations against Bluetooth headsets, the Era is worth a look. It does a great job with calls, and its convenient for speaking voice commands to your phone.

Now more than ever, consumers seem ready to accept Bluetooth headsets. Just look around at all the headphones the next time youre out in public weve trained ourselves to be connected to our devices physically.

Now, we just need to get used to doing so wirelessly.

Entrepreneurs: It’s all about the money

You might be safe in the wisdom that I bring the most effective radio accessory articles, a number of them are my own several of them are curated by me, when i decide to use someone elses articles it’s because it’s relevant to my readership, so feel confident that you are reading the best from my industry.

Finance – whether it is available or not – can prove to be crucial in helping a business grow or even get off the ground.

The issue of funding can be particularly acute when businesses are starting out.
When BBC Scotland first visited a group of entrepreneurs last year, we met them in a large office in the Gorbals in Glasgow where they were taking part in the Entrepreneurial Spark business start-up accelerator programme.

It is designed to help businesses get up and running successfully and, as its website puts it, “to drive entrepreneurial mindsets and behaviours”.
The whole office is known as the hatchery and the businesses as chicklets – and its aim is to help them fly the coop.
Some of them have now done that, and we have revisited a number of them to ask how they are managing to finance their businesses.

Victoria Bisland and Anne Widdop Anne Widdop, founding director of both Fuze Ceremonies and Essential Funerals, says the business is at a “pivotal stage”.
It provides humanist ceremonies for different stages in life.
“We’ve proved the concept works, I think we’ve done tremendously well with a very small team of people,” she says.
“We are at a vulnerable stage from an investor coming in and trying to just take over your idea by offering you desperately needed investment or you just can’t grow.”

Victoria Bisland and Anne Widdop are providing humanist ceremonies The company has progressed over the last few months.
According to operations and training director Victoria Bisland, last year the business conducted 120 weddings, about 100 funerals and 20 baby namings.
But there are frustrations too. Seed funding for the business has come from Ms Widdop herself and she feels she is “pretty much at my limit of what I can personally invest in this business”.

What they make is ploughed back into it, but they now need investment, particularly in their website.
“There are a number of options,” muses Ms Widdop.
“You either try to raise finance through investors, which is really challenging because they want equity in return.
“If you wanted to get £20,000 from an investor, you’d be giving away 60% or more of your company. Why would you do that as a start-up – you just wouldn’t.”

They have not had success so far in getting money from a bank and are exploring other routes like loan funds, competitions and awards.
Ms Widdop adds: “If we can’t get at least £10,000 investment now we’ll probably achieve, I’m hoping, at least 10-20% on what we’ve done last year. But I’d like to achieve 100% on last year.”
Paul Bain and Claire McArthur Contemporary country duo Raintown are looking at a rather different source for funding their musical ambitions.

One half of the group, Paul Bain, says with all the changes in the music industry, you “need to come from a business foundation” as well as be creative.
Country band Raintown are looking at crowd funding They have been investigating the idea of crowd funding. The model they are looking at involves putting their project online, explaining how much they are looking for and persuading people to invest by giving away rewards.

“For the music industry it tends to be a bit more sexy – is that the word?” says Claire McArthur, the other half of Raintown.
“So if someone pledges £20 towards the funding of your next album, you can give them an album, maybe a signed CD, maybe a signed DVD, a poster.
“As the pledges get bigger, if someone pledges £100 they could maybe get to star in your next music video or maybe get to go out for dinner with Raintown.”

Mr Bain says they have been told that a decade ago the group might well have been on their second album by now and already touring, but things have now changed as far as funding is concerned.
He adds: “We need to be more inventive – because it’s not easily accessible is not a good enough reason not to find another way to do it.”
Marie Rogers “Things have gone really well,” says Marie Rogers of Total Sales Solution Ltd, which provides sales support and training specifically to start-ups and small businesses.

Marie Rodgers says she wants to stay “in control” of her business. She says her business is financing itself.
“As I acquire new clients, that allows me to then grow the business and take on extra employees etc, so I’ve never had any investment apart from the business constantly producing its own sales,” she tells me.
She says part of her would like some investment but only as long as she stayed “in control” of her business.

She would like to have more access to funding but as a sales company, she feels she “falls through the cracks a little bit”.
She adds: “What I’ve produced is a company that from day one has been able to pay its own bills and actually grow as a company, and in this kind of economy it’s proven the value of what I do.”
Steve Broadfoot Ear protection developer Steve Broadfoot is also looking for money to back up his business.

He explains: “In my naive state I used to think I didn’t actually need finance because there wasn’t any major research and development required, but I’ve since been educated that in order to take something to market there’s a gap between your costs and actually getting income – so yeah, I do need finance.”
Steve Broadfoot is making ear protection for the music industry His product, LugPlugs, is a personal hearing protection system mainly for the music industry and specifically for audiences, but they could also be used in other loud noise environments such as construction sites.

He says last year was about protecting intellectual property rights, costing manufacturing and getting samples made up, while this year will be about actually taking the product to market.
The finance he needs is to back up patents and legal fees “because if you don’t protect your intellectual property rights, you don’t have a business”.
“The frustrating thing,” he explains, “is that you’re either up for investor sharks, who are basically trying to get as much of your business, get their money back and then sell it on, or you feel that you just have to put yourself into endless competitions.

“So you feel as if you need to actually set up a business and become an expert in entering competitions, as opposed to just getting your business up and running.”
He says help from his mother has been crucial and that in the search for finance he is looking for advice and mentoring as well as simply money.
The start-up companies have been given advice on financing as part of BBC Radio Scotland’s Business Scotland programme. Hear what angel investor Ian Ritchie and corporate lawyer Andy Ley of HBJ Gateley have to say on the subject at 6:05 on Saturday and again at 10:05 on Sunday.

The programme will also be available by free download.

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Bluetooth Earpiece For Music Lovers

For a long time people have been telling me that relations, love and happiness are the most important things in life…These days I realise that I’m able to take or leave all that so long as We have this earpiece in the world.

Due to the high demand of this Bluetooth earpiece, manufacturers have managed to come up with numerous designs of this product.

One such Bluetooth earpiece is the Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset Headphone with Adapter SX-910A. Fans of the Bluetooth earpiece will not go without this highly advanced technological device. It is through the use of such highly advanced technology that makes this Bluetooth earpiece what it is.

Once you get this Bluetooth earpiece, you will continuously get the kind of entertainment you so desire regardless of where you may be. This feature comes about due to the fact that this Bluetooth earpiece is highly portable and can therefore be carried easily from one place to another.

By using this Bluetooth earpiece headphone you will be able to conveniently make use of your phone wirelessly. This will be for both calling and answering of calls.
For individuals who love to go for that morning or evening walk, they will now be able to do so while being entertained by listening to their favorite music. Due to the light weight of this Bluetooth earpiece, you will be able to use it without experiencing fatigue.
This Bluetooth earpiece also has the ability to provide an extremely lengthy conversation time as well as standby time which are sure to offer you the kind of effective service you so desire. This is because you will be able to talk to your friends and family for as long as you want.

As you listen to your favorite songs, there is nothing as irritating as poor sound quality. This will prevent you from enjoying your music. With the Bluetooth earpiece, this will not have to be a problem since this device has a stereo track as well as Hi-Fi sound quality.

You will therefore be able to enjoy and get the best entertaining experience.
Convenience and lack of limitations are some of the leading factors of the popularity of this device. When it comes to listening to music and making or receiving calls hands-free, then this Bluetooth earpiece is the way to go. Your friends will begin to envy your cool and sophisticated look whenever you use your headphone.

Regardless of where you are or what you may be doing, you can begin to enjoy this wireless Bluetooth headphone. And previously stated, due to the fact that you can answer your calls hands-free, it will come in quite handy when driving since you will still have your full concentration on the road with both hands steering your car to your destination.

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T3 Gadget Awards 2013: HTC One beats off Apple and Samsung to win three gongs

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The HTC One has triumphed at tonight’s T3 Gadget Awards, picking up three awards – T3 Design Award, Phone of the Year and the coveted Gadget of the Year.

HTC One beat both the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the Phone of the Year category, breaking up the recent dominance that both tech giants have had in the smartphone market.
Other big winners on the night were Apple for Computer and Tablet of the Year, and Sony for Digital Camera and TV of the Year.

Two of the UK’s most innovative and forward thinking pioneers in technology – Michael Acton Smith, founder and Chief Executive of Mind Candy, and Chris Anderson, curator of TED – received accolades for their contribution to the world of technology.

Michael Acton Smith is one of the foremost drivers of the UK tech industry. He is the creator of Moshi Monsters, which has over 80 million users in 150 countries, giving many children their first experience of using technology and social networking.
TED curator Chris Anderson won the inaugural T3 Tech Legend award, given to those whose impact on the technology world has a significant and positive effect.
Originally a journalist specialising in computing, he established Future – the international media business and owner of T3 – in 1985 with a single magazine (Amstrad Action).

Anderson went on to acquire TED through his non-profit Sapling Foundation. TED is a non-profit organisation devoted to ideas worth spreading.
It brings together the worlds of Technology, Entertainment and Design and the TED Conferences give the world’s most fascinating thinkers the challenge to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes.
Chris Anderson, curator of TED
On receiving the award, Anderson says: ”I’m surprised, delighted and honoured by this news.
“T3 has long been one of my favorite magazines and I’m tickled pink they would do this ? even if the truth is that the award should go to the large numbers of people around the world who have collectively taken TED from being a small conference to a broader celebration of transformative technologies and ideas.”

Kieran Alger, T3 Editor-In-Chief, says: “This year’s Awards have been the hardest fought yet. Every single winning product is truly an outstanding example of innovation and design.
“Alongside the killer products of the past 12 months we’re also thrilled to have honoured two of Britain’s finest tech innovators.
“It’s fantastic to be able to acknowledge the truly staggering success of two visionary entrepreneurs who have influenced the way we work and play on a global scale.
“They’re both hugely deserving recipients of these prestigious T3 Awards and an inspiration to anyone striving in the technology space.”

Winners of the T3 Gadget Awards:Innovation of the Year Google Glass
Computer of the Year Apple Mac Book Air 11 Inch
Digital Camera of the Year Sony Nex-6
Entertainment Gadget of the Year Sky + HD 2TB
Digital Media Service of the Year Netflix
Car of the Year Audi A8
Headphones of the Year Sennheiser CX890i
Fitness Gadget of the Year Nike Plus Training Trainer
Tech Personality of the Year Jason Bradbury
TV of the Yea r Sony Bravia KD-65X9005A
Tablet of the Year Apple iPad Mini
T3 Design Award HTC One

Tech Life Product of the Year Gopro HD Hero 3
App of the Year Xbox Smartglass
Tech Moment of the Year Felix Baumgartner
Phone of the Year HTC One
Outstanding Contribution to Technology Michael Acton Smith
Tech Brand of the Year Samsung
T3 Tech Legend Chris Anderson
Gadget of the Year HTC One

hytera earpiece

earpieceWhat do we think of the PD782, PD785 & PD702 Hytera 2 way radios
Some of the expert writers on the net are at such a top level that i ponder if any of them have ever printed a book? so every so often i like to highlight these excellent content pieces and heres one i thought was interesting the other day.

The PD782, PD785 and PD702 Hytera radios are affordable, as well as being easy to use and providing high quality audio. This is a good combination when it comes to two-way radios, a technology that, by definition, needs to be durable, easily replaceable and effortlessly useable in case of emergency.

The parent company, Hytera, have been operating since 1993 and in that time they have developed a strong reputation as an industry leader. In short, they are in the process of cultivating a trusted international brand. Hytera are an emerging brand with a considerable track record for producing quality technology at premium prices.

Another likely source of Hyteras recent success is the effectiveness of the Hytera earpiece. The Hytera multi-pin earpiece is designed for use with the PD702 and PD782 radio models. It features excellent playback, as well as being solid and durable. This Hytera earpiece is available for around 40.00 and is a professional level model, proving highly effective for many modern surveillance exercises.

Returning to the two-way radio discussion, Hytera radios include a number of advanced features, including a robust design, as well as a full colour LCD display, something that is a rarity in todays market. There are also a high number of messaging options.

The PD785 is IP57 rated. This means that it can even be completely submerged for up to 30 minutes without obtaining any significant damage. It can also switch between analogue and digital mode and features full digital encryption.

Hytera have received a boost in sales because they have created a series of products that are up-to-date, hardwearing and professional. Two-way radios need to be reliable as a matter of fact, which is why these products are selling so well.

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