Can’t Live Without Your Chic Bluetooth Headset?

Wow. The brand new radio earpiece is magnificent. I mean it’s just so gorgeous and so highly developed. I pity individuals who grew up without the radio earpiece.

earpieceAmerica has been invaded by cyborgs. You see them rushing to work on the trains, buses, cars, and motorbikes wearing their indispensable ear accessories. They are those creatures who appear talking to themselves and are always in a hurry to get somewhere. They’re the Bluetooth headset generation.

The wired generation speaks out

Have you ever wondered how the older generation survived without the mobile phone and the Bluetooth headset? Your grandfather will probably tell you that they had to make do with telephones that were permanently attached to a wall or a desk.

They also could not imagine a telephone in the car. It was entirely improbable for the average person to have gadgets they could only see in spy movies or read about in futuristic science fiction novels.

For them, a telephone had to have wires and stay put in the house, like a faithful Swiss guard at the Vatican gates. Your Bluetooth headset is a marvel to them, but they can’t understand why you have to wear it all the time.

The different Bluetooth headsets

Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose the following Bluetooth headset versions:

In the ear. This is worn in the ear and may or may not have an adjustable boom (microphone). Wearing these will eliminate hassles, like talking on the phone and writing down instructions at the same time. They are easy to wear and can be detached with ease.

Over the head. You either choose one with two earpieces (binaural), or one earpiece (monaural). The binaural is the better choice for those working in call centers because this blocks background noise. The monaural will allow you to hear what’s going on around you, even when you’re on the phone.

Behind the neck. This is ideal for those who prefer wearing a headset that is connected by a piece that is under the chin or behind the neck.

Convertible headset. With this type, you can wear this over your head or behind your neck.

Most people go for the Bluetooth headset with a loop around the ear, which is more comfortable than in-the-ear headset. In reality, there is no definite guarantee that wearing a headset is comfortable. Depending on how long you wear it, it will surely place pressure on the ear. To ease this up, simply transfer it to the other ear and vice versa.

Wireless chic

The Bluetooth headset is more convenient than the wired headset. It is lighter and, of course, affords you to be mobile.

Field agents find this headset convenient. They can accept a call, redial, and make voice dial calls without the fuss of digging for mobile phones. This is probably why you have the headset in your ear wherever you go.

The disadvantage of the Bluetooth headset is in the size. The smaller it is, the shorter the battery life of the headset. For business purposes, the bigger ones are recommended.

Explaining all these to your grandparents will make them understand that you and your Bluetooth headset are inseparable because of business and personal reasons. As a yuppie, you are in a hurry to get somewhere and do two things at the same time.


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